Common Sense & A MetroCard

"Kansans Could Do Worse"



I believe in a strong and vibrant Kansas. I believe in a Kansas with a bright future, good jobs, balanced budgets and strong values. As a way to frame the sort of spirit I think Kansans can build upon, I'm specifically drawing attention to the wonderful people of Greeley County.

A Promise

Here's something you won't hear from other candidates:

If elected, I will personally read every letter sent to my office that's 250 words or longer. And if there is a return address I will write a personal response back. I want Kansans to feel heard and respected.

A True Outsider

I am not part of the political elite in Topeka. I couldn't tell you the name of a state lobbyist if I tried. Heck, I don't even have a friend in Topeka. But I'll tell you this: I have been to the giant easel in Goodland. I'll take that over a fancy fundraiser any day.

A Long Shot

The media may tell you that only one of the Kansas political elite can win this race. Well I think it's high time we show them that sometimes a long shot can beat a big shot. 

What Now?

Vote Andy Maskin for Governor on August 7th

Circle it on your calendar. Tell a friend. Share this site on Facebook, Twitter or your platform of choice. Make a difference.

Upcoming Campaign Events

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It may seem like an odd election strategy to single out one of 105 counties. I don't even live there. Will it cost me votes in the rest of Kansas? Probably. So be it.

In Greeley County they like to say it's "Life as it should be." That kind of pleasant confidence is what we need more of. There you'll find the simple things in life: faith, patriotism, good friends and a caring community. Can't all of Kansas have that? Doesn't Kansas deserve that?

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